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Obleada Ermelo N.

Ocampo, Bobby. Location, Manila, Philippines. E-mail: arrow452@yahoo.com

Ocampo Joselito M. May he rest in peace in heaven.

Oppus Ralph G.

Pablo Edgar M. (Guy). Location: Mc Allen, Texas USA. Occupation: Chief Auditor, Gemaire Distributors. E-mail: soar4heights@yahoo.com

Pagkalinawan Rene M. Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Occupation: E-mail: rene_kleer@yahoo.com Photo shown w/ his son (partly covered).

Pagkalinawan Ramon A. Just left for heaven Jan. 28, 2022. May you rest in peace classmate.

Palma Gary F. Location: Occupation: E-mail: Gary885@yahoo.com.  Photo shown w/ wife Mayette and daughter Gretchen.

Passe Salvador T. Location: Cubao, Q.C. E-mail: jspasse@yahoo.co.uk

Paz Dela Antonio C. Location: Manila, Philippines. Occupation: E-mail: palodoma@yahoo.com

Penala Ruben Chito L. Location: Kensington, Maryland, USA. Occupation: E-mail:

Pineda Ramon L. (Mon). Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. E-mail: monpi53@yahoo.com.

Pineda Reynaldo L. Location: Angeles City, Philippines. Occupation: Suddenly left for heaven Nov. 22, 2015 to join our deceased classmates. May he rest in peace in heaven.

Poblete Alfredo F. Location: New Jersey, USA. Occupation: Operations Specialist, Lexis-Nexis Martindale Hubbell. E-mail: fpobnj@optonline.net

Principe Jr. Rolando P.

Pua William U. (Willy). Location: Manila, Philippines. Occupation: w/ Flexo Manufacturing Corp.  E-mail: w_pua@hotmail.com

Pumarada Isauro L. Location: Manila, Philippines. Occupation: E-mail:

Puzon Jr. Francisco C. Location: Makati City, MM, Philippines. Occupation: Businessman. E-mail.