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Ejercito Florante A. May he rest in peace in heaven.

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Dear Manny,

I got up from sleep today only to hear that you had left us. I said a special prayer for you, my dear friend and then started reminiscing about so many wonderful things.  

About the coincidence that your son and my son Vinnie happened to be classmates in the same school.  

About your wonderful jolly nature and how you always carried a smile.  In fact from the time I was your classmate in the third grade, I cannot ever imagine or remember   you without a pleasant smile on your face.  

About how you were the friendliest guy in school and the respect you showed for others.  

About how you were always such a good boy in class and your loud laughter whenever we did crazy things.

It was an honor and a very special privilege to have been your friend. 

Because of your very special wonderful jolly nature, we are going to miss you so much, and I am sure this is the reason why the Lord God in Heaven was so in a hurry to have you back with him so quickly.

Your family is so lucky and privileged to be part of you, and so are we for having you as our friend.

Rest in peace my dear friend in the Heavenly arms of our Lord.


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