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Cabalza Arnulfo D.

Calero Francisco A. Just left for Heaven recently. Feb. 2020

Calfoforo Wesley B. Location: U.S.A.

Calpito Emmanuel B.

Calugay Ruben S. Location: Seattle, Washington, USA. E-mail: RubCalugay@msn.com.

Campa Vicente M. Jr. Location: Manila, Philippines. E-mail: vjc_ph@yahoo.com

Canapi Damaso C. R.

Capistrano Rolando L.

Carandang Florante G.

Carluen Horacio T.

Casas Rodrigo B.

Castillo Domingo G. (Domeng). Location: Makati City, Philippines. Occupation: Lawyer (Expert in Maritime Law). E-mail: dgcastillo@syciplaw.com

Castro Carlos Faralan (Bong). Location: San Francisco, California, USA. Occupation: USPS. E-mail: carlossfo@netzero.com

Chan Daniel Patrick (Danny). Location: Manila, Philippines. Occupation: E-mail: danletchan@gmail.com

Chan Tay Leung Richard

Chua Benjamin Yu

Chua Ching Pio May he rest in peace in heaven.

Chua George T. left us Jan. 14, 2015. May he rest in peace in heaven.

Chua Ke We T.

Chua Robert Ke Suy

Chua Samson A. May he rest in peace in heaven.

Clarito Arturo D. (Art). Location: Nevada, USA. Occupation: Paraprofessional educator at the local school district; Co-author of a chapter on Filipinos in a book entitled, "The Peoples of Las Vegas: One City, Many Faces." published by the University of Nevada Press, 2005. E-mail: clar229@yahoo.com.

Co Arsenio T. Location: Pateros, Metro Manila. Occupation: connected with Sterling Paper Group of Companies. E-mail: arsenio1975@yahoo.com.

Co Johnson H. (Diony Tiongco), Location: Manila, Philippines: Occupation: E-mail:

Consunji Rafael C. Location: Manila, Philippines. Occupation: Businessman. E-mail: consunjilito@yahoo.com

Cortes Fernando M., (Dan). Location: Ashfield, Australia. Occupation: Administrator, Commonwealth Bank of Australia. E-mail: tokcarter@yahoo.com

Cosalan Edwin M. Location: Baguio City, Philippines. Occupation: Physician. E-mail: ibaloi30@yahoo.com

Cosalan Ronald M. Location: Baguio City, Philippines. Occupation: Congressman. E-mail: rmcosalan@yahoo.com

Cruz Carlos Romulo N. Location: Manila, Philippines. Occupation. E-mail: butcho@pldtdsl.net