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Welcome Bedans !

It's been 49 years and counting and we wonder where you guys are now.

Through the magic of cyberspace, who could imagine that we will be able to come across each other once again and get in touch with one another. 

A great number of us remain in our homeland but a considerable number have left the country. Some moved to the United States while others went to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and other parts of the globe to seek a better life and hope for greener opportunities.

Sad to say, some have left us early.  May their souls rest in peace permanently in heaven.  

Our memories are starting to catch up once again. Many of us have become big names in our homeland and abroad. We have covered it all, from the medical field to the courtroom, in government and financial institutions, from real estate to construction, from fashion and interior design to music and in all areas of business and industry.  Others became famous in their own idealistic way. You name it, we have it, all sorts of careers and profession such as:

Pharmaceutical Laboratory executive
Business Process/ IT Outsourcing
Crime Scene Investigator or C.S.I.
Home Builders/Contractors/Construction Trades
Food Distributor
Doctors of Medicine
Doctors of Dentistry/Dental Surgery
Public school teacher
Entertainer/band leader
Ex-university Physics professor
Harbor Pilot/Airline Pilot
Fashion designers/Couturier
Soldier (AFP Reservist)
Driving school owner/manager
Painting contractor
Businessmen/Small Business Entrepreneurs
Bankers Investment and Commercial/Bank Officers
Insurance Broker
MIS Manager
Mortgage Broker
Marketing/Sales Representatives
Politicians/Government Officials
Foreign Service Officer
Lawyers (Private practice/Corporate/ Immigration)
Hotel Owner/Manager
Resort Owner/Manager
Ex-Q.C. Mayor
School Transportation Provider
Fast-food Chain and restaurant business executive
Beauty products distributor and many more.

To our class of '65 and '69, we welcome you once again. This web site is all about us. You remember the years when we were together, all those unbelievable and sometimes crazy things we did. Sometimes we wonder, "Was that I... decades ago?" I can't believe it. It is nice and sweet to remember the good old days because we have a history to talk about. We will be sharing this site to our friends, families, and loves ones. 

In this site, a directory of our class '65 and '69 is available. There are 287 plus listing and some may have been missed. You will find photos and gallery of our memories, get-together and reunions. There is a feature page for those who wish to be featured. There will be news, events and many others we can think of. There is also a sponsorship page wherein yearly we ask one to sponsor the hosting and publishing of this site in cyberspace. You only sponsor once in your lifetime and this site is guaranteed to be publish till all of us have left.

To all those who wish to remain private, just keep on reading. We, however, would love to hear from you. We respect your decision should you choose not to. Should you feel otherwise, just drop us a line or contact anybody in the group. You can also log in to our various social media viz:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/161408643963506/?ref=bookmarks

Yahoo Group: 65sbc69@yahoogroups.com

Viber: USACan SBC

The objectives of this site are simple and straightforward. Tell us where you are and how you have been. 

My words to all:

"Our SBC roots somehow played an important role which shaped and influenced whatever we are today. Our memories (crazy most often or not) will always be a part of our personal legacy. This site may be of less or equal importance to you but for others, it will inspire them."

Please feel free to share your stories and memories with us. Sign in to our guestbook.

To San Beda, our teachers and to all of you. Thank you.


Carlo G. Angeles

Web Administrator



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