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Sonny Feliciano w/ Lindsay Lohan

Guy w/ Eric & Egan

Reunion at Copacabana Hotel, June 12, 2005

Getting ready to party

Dinner Treat for Carlo & Josie


To our International base classmates.

With the spouses.

They can't get loose.

Dinner was catered. Well set tables and chairs. Servers present.

Menu: Salmon, Roast Beef, Pasta among others and lots of drinks.

Willy Pua's visit to Toronto

Willy, Carlo & Peter.

Jun, Rolly, Addie Dalton, Manoling, Ady, Lorenz

this occassion coincided w/ the 69 Long Beach reunion.

Gary's visit to San Franciso last Oct. 5/05

that's Jim, Lubin, Gary & Bong

Fred & Annabelle met Art & Bebot at the new Steve Wynns Casino

Antonino Vergel De Dios w/ wife Thelma

Tess & Art Rosales, Joy, Jun Razal, Joey Alvir, Sonny & Danny Salalac.

Boyong's visit to Manila

Fred & Annabelle at the Oprah Show

Gerry, Fred, Lito w/ Annabelle & Jojo

Wow Johnny, believe na ako.

Niagara Park Flower Clock

Carlo, Josie & Art

Butch with Art and Sonny in Burbank,CA.

Tony Galang's Dinner/Fashion show in Chicago.

Fr. L to R: Jojo Saplala, Elvie Balbin, Tony G., Joey Alvir, Lito and Gerry.

Ed & Chit in Venice

Vic and Ed w/ Noli in Washington D.C.

Fred & Noli at the Rockefeller Center

That's Brigitte & Emma Lofradez together w/ Tess Rosales

Joe's visit to Washington w/ Ed & Chit

that's Jun, Ed, Vic, Teddy & Jun Gacad

Ed & Chit's visit to SoCal

Fr. L to R: Jim and Becky Mcmanahan, Cultural Attache Joy Quintana, friend Lou, Toni and Vic

Carlo's (w/ Josie) visit to Manila

Dr. Ed, Josie, Carlo, Ronnie's wife & Ronnie

Joe Manahan's visit at the Washington D.C. Phil. embassy

Nino, Beth, Tommy and Rico

Bong, Paul, Jim and Lubin

Mae & Mon Yoingco, Toni G. w/ guest, Tommy, Beth and Nino

Joe Manahan's visit to Manila

w/ Frankie, Teddy Boy, Gary V, Bonnie and Nick F.

Welcome Party for Danny Salalac, Mari Favila and Carlo Angeles at the ACCI

Ed Aguila's visit to Toronto.

seated from L to R: Pixie, Pinky, Josie and Susan

standing from L to R: Willie, Peter, Carlo and Ed

Joe Navarra during the arrival of the AirBus 380.

w/ Mike Enriquez of GMA & and Mean Esposo wife of Star writer Billy Esposo.

Lito w/ friend Paul and Carlo at Niagara Falls last May 25/08

Sonny, Jim, Tony, Art, Cholette, Joy, Danny and Johnny

Cholette, "hindi ka nagbago"

Cholette w/ spouses Lily, Tess and Ronda.

that's Lily, Tess, Ronda and Cholette

Lito Quiray, Lito Saplala and Fred

Lito S, Fred, Lito Q and Butch

A Mini Reunion at Tony B's place. A Toast

Danny S., Tony B., Joy H., Sonny F., & Art R.-their mini reunion

w/ spouses Lily, Janet, Tess & Rhonda at the mini reunion.

Happy faces at the Pakain Event in Sampaloc, Manila

Jun S., Ed A., guest & Teddy B. at the pakain event

that's Ed A. & Jun S. cooking for the event.

Sonny Nicolas in L.A.

Lovely spouses of the L.A. group w/ guests.

Sonny Nicolas and Tyke Labos' visit to L.A.

The L.A. Gang w/ Junsi and Sonny Nicolas

Tagaytay Pakain Event w/ Mon and Mae Yoingco; Ed and Susan Aguila

A B-Day Pakain Event by Yayi Uy

Paul Syliangco's visit to Toronto w/ his wife Evelyn

Sonny Feliciano's visit to SFrisco.

Clockwise, Dave and Ming Almendral (Lubin's brother and sister-in-law), Lubin, Paul Syliangco, Roxanne and Jim Dela Riva and Bong Castro.

Bonnie's visit to LV w/ Tony, Danny and Renato Reynado

Bonnie w/ Virma & family w/ Lito and Danny in Chicago

Paul and Alex together w/ Evelyn and Beth

Jim dela Riva & Rene P. at Gary V's home together with local 69'ers

Artie, Gary, Sylvia and Rene

Posing as the "Tilt Down Men"

Welcome party for Buddy Dizon.

Carlo singing "Don't You Care" by the Buckinghams upon Sonny Nicolas invitation at the Conways Bar in Makati Shangrila.

Carlo's family w/ Ramesh and spouse at the residence of Gary Vasquez together with Sylvia showing the "Gordon/Fernando" thumbs up sign.

April pakain event by our Birthday celebrants, Jun Belgica,

Gary Vasquez, Butch Cruz & Frankie Flameno.

Pakain event at the Lord's Vineyard Covenant Community

Prayer Center located in J.P. Laurel, San Miguel, Mla.

Jun, Manny R., Vic Leviste, Ed, Paquito, Mrs. Belgica, Bonnie & GaryV.

Guy w/ Danny S., Art R. and Tony B. in L.A.

Jim biking in Luzerne, Switzerland.

Baesa Q.C. Pakain Event

Johnson Co, Vic Leviste, Tyke Labos & Mandy Angeles

w/ the Chummy chum maskot to entertain them

Bonnie's visit to L.A. 2010

Bonnie's residence in Valle Verde during the 40th reunion.

Buddy Dizon, Carlo, Allan Ibarra & Jerome Gamelo.

Tony and Lily's visit to Chicago w/ host Lito.

Peter's treat during Ed Aguila's visit.

Junsi's L.A. visit w/ Willy Soriano

Paul & Evelyn's visit in L.A. 2010.

Ed Aguila's visit to N.Y.

Ed Aguila w/ Fred Poblete

Ed w/ Sevy Labos

Ed w/ Willie Eleazar

Willie & Pixie w/ Susan and Gina Aguila

Joey Alvir w/ Joy Hidalgo

Frankie with Joe, Danny and Sonny.

Frankie with the L.A. Gang.

Sonny, Danny, Frankie and Ramon Pineda in L.A.

Garry Vasquez receiving his Most Outstanding Alumni award.

Mel's visit to Toronto

Mel...spending Holy week in Toronto.

Paul & Jun together with spouses bump into each other in this Alaskan cruise.

B-Day pakain event at Cottolengo Filipino in Montalban last Aug. 20, 2011.

Ed Aguila and Jun Simon w/ a disabled kid.

Ed and Tyke with the disabled children as they are ready to partake the cake.

A beautiful cake courtesy of the B-Day celebrants.

Tony B w/ Gerry Balbin in Chicago.

Tony's visit to Chicago last Labor Day.

Art's visit to Pinas Jan. 2012. A big turnout including Ms. Cholette Tuviera.

Art R. w/ Bonnie, Nino and Mon at Bonnie's

resthouse in Tagaytay.

Buddy's birthday party last March 10, 2012.

visit of Ninoy Valle

Jim dela Riva and Bruce Brown with spouses

recent visit of Junsi in L.A.

planning for the 45th reunion

SBC Alumni Mass sponsored by our batch.

Posing in front of former H.S. building.

Perry Yang's visit.

Joey Alvir with Ramon Yoingco

Bonnie with Art and Danny 2014

Rey Pineda's birthday party at his residence in Corintian Gardens.

Johnny See w/ Perry Yang, Lucien Lumba, Art Clarito

& Sonny Santayana.

Bonnie's L.A. visit

Toronto gathering w/ Allan Ibarra

Toronto gathering at The Corner Place

w/ Carlo, Willy, Jerome, Peter & Buddy.

St. Benedict Chapel, a joint project by SBC GS65HS69 at

Barangay Cuayan, Angeles City, Pampanga.

St. Benedict mural donated by Ernesto Aguila.

Fr. Austin Cadiz, OSB blessing the new chapel March 21, 2015.

A 12 inch antique bell taken from a sunken Jap ship donated

by Raul Santos.

12 pcs. of concrete benches donated by Gary Vasquez.

Wooden benches and chairs donated by Johnson Co.

A spiritual journey by Art Boquer and Noel Raminro at the Monastery of Transfiguration together with Fr. Columbano and Fr. Africa.

Grade School Golden Jubilee

Grade School Golden Jubilee 2

Grade School Golden Jubilee Reunion

Christmas Party 2015

Christmas Party w/ Joey Alvir

Christmas Party w/ Boyong

Christmas Party 2015

Rey Pineda's Urn

A group of classmates accompanied Rey P's Urn at it's

final resting place at the Bahay Bata Center.

visit of Ed Aguila

that's Dr. Sy's Porshe.

Jan. 29, 2023 at Gary Vasquez residence

L.A. Reunion

SBCGS65HS69 reunion at North Forbes, Makati residence of Gary Vasquez.


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