Sapphire Reunion

Feb. 7, 2014

Class Grade School '65 and High School '69 celebrated the 45th SBC reunion starting at 6:00 pm in Makati attended by about 40 batchmates, a few came their country of origin (like Rene Jose, Mon Yatco, Fred Poblete, Nick Fletcher, Boyong Vergara) while others from provinces outside Metro Manila... and still for others, it was their first time to meet up. Jose Feliciano sound-alike Sonny Nicolas rendered a few songs professionally. The party broke up past 1:00 am. Guess who's on these photos!!!

From: Art Clarito

To our dear Parekoyzs (& Marekoyzs?)!!!

I enjoyed looking at the photos of our Parekoyzs who were able to make it to our recent reunion held @ the Architectural Center.  Thanks to the superb and sharp photos taken by our volunteer photographer Parekoy Sonny Nicolas. Photos taken using Panasonic cameras are reliably crisp and clear. I remember and recognized most of your faces but unfortunately some of you I had difficulty in identifying with certainty based on my rusty long-term memory aka memory loss. Pardon me for my temporary lapse of memory.  Let me see if I recall the names & faces of the attendees: The regulars and core committee members easy to recognize - Ed Aguila, Bonnie Vergel de Dios, Frankie Flameno, Rey Pineda, Ramesh Genomal,Danny Yu, Wilson Aw. Freddie Duran, Joselito Ocampo, Lito Consunji, Nestor Puzon, Teddy Beronilla, Artie Villaraza, Toni Galang(Tony Vijungco), Mon Yoingco, Jun Simon, Rolly Sison, 
OK for the rest of the attendees I remember Art Boquer, Ricky Esguerra, Alex Vicente, Larry Co, Eboy Tirona, Ver Labos, Gerry Balbin, Nick Fletcher, Boyong[my Ninong] Vergara, Ramon Yatco, Chito Penala, Rene Jose, Don Sevilla,  There was a guy wearing a blue shirt w/black collar during the kareoke session.  Was that Tony Arnaldo? I also wonder if some of our parekoys based on the East Coast made it.  Was Fred Poblete there too?
I particularly liked the black w/red logo shirts custom-made for us by Ramesh. Maybe next time Ramesh can also make us logo underwear with our Class of 69 in bloody red.  I wonder if he can also make some for those like me who sometimes want to be closer to nature by wearing  g-strings or thongs on special occasions like our reunions.  I am thinking of maybe a mini thong fashion show to either entertain or "scare" our female guests..
I can see that you were in good spirits.  Thank goodness for the hard drinks that gave you the guts to proudly display your bathroom voices among the cheering and amused karaoke fans in the captive audience - who might have opted to listen to the songs with earplugs.
It was also nice that there was lechon served during the dinner. I like the crispy, crackling skin of the lechon and parts of the ribs with the thin layer of pork meat.  Oh I love the lechon cheeks which can also made into sisig by adding some siling labuyo, salt, pepper and vinegar.  The other leftovers can be made into paksiw na lechon.
With all the happy faces in the photos, I can say with absolute certainty that our Sapphire re-union was a triumphant success.  Those of us who were not able to attend this time really missed those rare moments when our class of 65SBC69  can meet in one place and time to share in each other's success and sorrows. Looking forward to see our Parekoyzs again on our next visit to the Pinas.  I dont expect a hero's welcome. Just treat me to a sumptuous lunch or dinner and maybe a limousine ride to Tagaytay where I can savor the taste Mon Y's world-famous bulalo.